body acne treatments

Body acne happens.

Let us help you get onto the path to clear skin! Each of these treatments are unique to the snapshot of your skin the day you come in. We have an arsenal of clean beauty products to soothe and mend your skin.

The Highlights:

  • Treats blemishes, discoloration, dark spots, texture, bumps, redness – each treatment is unique to the condition of your skin and goals
  • Discussion on current skin routine, lifestyle, daily activities, diet, and our professional assessment
  • Depending on your grade of acne (and area being treated) we’ll skip the massage as pressing on sebaceous filaments can inflame acne

Home Support: Acne products for the body can be very expensive because of the quantity needed and frequency of use (twice a day!). We’ll share a simple plant power recipe (and where to buy your ingredients) that will help get your back on the path to clear, pretty skin. For scarring and discoloration we have product recommendations that are available for purchase at Holiday.

Treatment areas offered:

  • Decolletage + Between the Boobs, 25 minutes, $70
  • Décolletage + Neck, 25 minutes, $70
  • Acne Control Booty (female anatomy only), 45 minutes $120
  • Acne Control Back, 45 minutes $120