bespoke brow wax

Ain’t no shame in bringing your ungroomed brow game straight to us! We are here to preserve and protect.

We start your service by handing you a mirror and showing you the points of your brows and ideal thickness (hint: as thick as possible!). This is called brow mapping. Full brow discussion on your concerns and goals before we ever pick up a wax stick.

Bespoke Brow Wax…$45
Measure + Wax + Tweeze + Trim

Brow Tint…$25
Semi permanent, plant based dye is used to tint your brow hairs and skin. We’ve got lots of shades and can style from a very filled in, bold brow to a gentle blonde brow that’s subtle but really enhances and frames your face.

Tint on the hair lasts 3-4 weeks. Tint on the skin for that filled in look lasts 1-2 weeks and depends on skin type. The more oil your skin produces the shorter the skin tint will last. Also something to keep in mind: Medications for thyroid issues will affect how your hair accepts color and dyes.

Bespoke Brow Wax + Tint…$70

Real Talk: If you are using oral or topical prescription medication for your skin for any reason you must to discontinue use 10 days before waxing to receive your service.

You must discontinue use of topical medications if they are being applied within 5 inches of where the wax will be applied to your skin.

If you show up to your appointment and have not followed these instructions we will not be able to wax you and you will still be responsible for the full price of the service because the time has been reserved for you. We can still shape your brows by tweezing and trimming if you prefer not to discontinue the use of your prescription medication. It will not remove the velus hair (often called “peach fuzz”) but you will leave with a great shape.