Reiki Explained

Our deeply relaxing Reiki Facial includes a Reiki session from Catherine (a Reiki Master) during your mask and Reiki energy sprinkled throughout your facial. After your double cleanse, we’ll talk skin to tailor your facial to your glowy skin goals. All products are vegan, non-toxic, and mostly organic. We’ll also set an intention for your healing session to serve your highest good and nurture your highest self.

Traditionally, a Reiki session does not include speaking. However, your service is facial based. You are welcome to ask questions about Reiki, energy healing, serving your highest good / self, how to better align your physical and mental bodies with your soul body, or anything else you may have on your mind about energy healing or questions you’re seeking clarity on. You’re also welcome to relax silently and enjoy your service. It’s your experience 🙂

Reikcial Q + A

So what is Reiki?

It’s a form of energy healing that originates in Japan. Reiki is universal energy / light. Everything is energy. Reiki helps to clear and balance the energetic system, which can positively affect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Most people experience Reiki as peaceful, calm, and relaxing.

What happens during Reiki?

The recipient lays fully covered and comfortably on the facial table during the service. Your Reiki Master is a conduit to channel healing energy of peace, love, and joy. Reiki can be hands on or hands off depending on your preference. With hands on, your Reiki Master will gently place her hands on your shoulders and head or may go over your Chakra centers (while the Chakra system is not part of Reiki, they are energy centers and may be focused on during your session). Some recipients choose to relax and clear their minds or let them wander during their service. Others mentally ask a question they’re hoping to receive clarity on. This may or may not happen during the service or in the following weeks. Remember, Reiki energy is in the service of your highest good.

What does Reiki feel like?

Reiki can be deeply relaxing. The recipient may feel relaxed, warm, calm, peaceful, or even drift into a meditative sleep. Some recipients feel a profound shift, some a subtle rejuvenation, others may feel nothing at all. But don’t worry if you don’t feel anything: you’re still receiving universal energy in the service of your highest good and highest self. The energy is still working on and in service of your three bodies: physical, mental/emotional, and spirit/soul.

Wow, this room is so beautiful! Will it look like this if I book during the day?

This room holds some deep vibes. Whether your service is during the day or evening the candles will be lit, the lavender aromatherapy will be going, and you will be smoke cleansed on the facial table with palo santo.

Pictured: Reikcial with LED Light Therapy (facial add on)