Choose the facial that you’re most excited about.

We’ll tailor the treatment and product selections to best meet your needs.

We’ll recommend a home care routine that will help maintain your glowy, youthful skin.  Over time your product recommendations will change as you meet your complexion goals and shift to new ones. 

The Classic Facial

      • Let’s polish, hydrate, and protect! 
      • Includes brief extractions (Pro Tip: book a 75 minute facial if you know you want / need extra focus on removing impactions from clogged pores)

Hydration Halo

      • If your skin is lacking something you can’t quite put your finger on, it likely needs an enzyme exfoliation and a serious dose of hydration.

Me: My skin seems ok but not amazing, and not like it used to be. It’s kind of dull. I can see more fine lines and feels kind of thick or leathery. My skin is dry but still oily. It could really use some pampering and so could I. Am I aging? I have to do something about this now!

The Juicy Details: Let’s hydrate! But first, an enzyme exfoliation to remove the old, damaged cells. We’ll use a phytoestrol mask to replenish your skin’s moisture and support your skin’s barrier function and tons of hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, and peptides to rejuvenate tired, dehydrated skin.

Home Support: Guess what?! We’ve got those ingredients in vegan, non-toxic, and mostly organic home care formulated for daily use! And your new obsession is going to be the weekly Grapeseed Exfoliating Scrub. It’s so smoothing and sloughs away the old cells so that your products can reach and improve the younger cells.

Acne Control Lite

      • Helps clear + resolve mild acne and soothe irritated skin
      • Blue LED included to help destroy bacteria and calm skin

Me: I have monthly breakouts but not acne. I’m not really treating the blemishes with anything because they’re not always present but they still bother me. I wish they’d just go away.

The Juicy Details: We hear you!! The occasional pesky breakout has got to go. This facial uses enzymes, soothing clay, and detoxifying seaweed to help calm redness, smooth flakiness, and balance oil. And yes, we’ll do extractions!

Home Support: Acne is a sensitivity. It could be hormones, your environment, or lifestyle. Let’s add to your routine a Vitamin A or fruit acid daily treatment to help prevent and treat occasional breakouts. We carry home care products that are gentle and won’t irritate or dry out your healthy skin. They’re also multifunctional– they’ll treat acne and help reduce the signs of premature aging (fine lines!! discoloration!!). We’ll also recommend a weekly exfoliator and a nutrient-rich moisturizer to help keep your skin dewy.

Acne Control

      • Treats moderate to severe acne and helps soothe irritated skin
      • Blue LED included to help destroy bacteria and calm skin

Me: I always have something happening – a big pimple, bumps under the skin, constantly clogged pores, varying shades of red / dark dots from healing / healed blemishes. Acne products can be so harsh and make my complexion even more red and flaky. Makeup makes it worse and won’t go on smooth but I hate the way my skin looks when it’s not covered up. Help! I need answers and action!

The Juicy Details: Acne is painful, both physically and emotionally! Let us help you. When there’s a constant presence of acne and congested skin there may be multiple causes. We’ll dig into skin care, lifestyle, daily routines, and diet to get you on the path to a beautiful complexion you’re proud of. We’ll use similar professional grade products to the Acne Lite facial but we’ll go further with a double steam exfoliation and replace your facial massage cream with a hyaluronic cream mask to soothe and hydrate while you relax. Depending on your grade of acne, we may recommend that you visit a dermatologist or nutritionist for a multifaceted approach.

Home Support: We often see recommended anti-acne regimens that consist of only acne products. That’s not our favorite way to heal acne and break the cycle. We take it further with a holistic approach to address all of the factors that contribute to the acne cycle. Acne is a sensitivity. In addition to acids and acne-fighting ingredients (like wasabi, bearberry, or Vitamin A), your skin needs nutritional support with antioxidants, skin conditioners, and hydrators. We’ll recommend based on the whole condition (and goal) of your skin – not just the state of your acne. As time goes on, your skin care routine will change as acne is controlled and we can look towards perfecting the texture or glow. We’re here to support you through your transformation.

Radiance Support

      • Helps to firm, tighten, and brighten with a Vitamin C Peel Treatment

Me: I am a sun goddess. I look more fit and my skin is clearer with a tan. Nothing stops me from my golden glow and being outdoors! (Or maybe this was your sentiment until you turned 30!)

The Juicy Details: Love keeping your face towards the sun? It’s ok – we get it 🙂 It feels good to be outside and enjoy the warm sunshine – especially living in New England. Having a summer tan is amazing, but are you starting to see signs of sun damage? Maybe fine or deep lines, discoloration, sun spots, dullness, areas of sagging skin, crepey eyes, leathery texture… you just don’t quite look like your youthful self any longer. This is considered premature aging caused by an environmental factor. Come on in and we’ll focus on brightening enzymes (papain + bromelain), antioxidants (Vitamin C), and phytonutrients (from sea buckthorn, noni, and mangosteen) to bring your soft, bright, dewy skin back. Don’t worry if you’re Vitamin A or C sensitive – we have many other effective anti-aging products to choose from.

Home Support: Your skin care routine at home is half of what keeps your skin young and beautiful (facials being the other half 😉 ). We’ll select products with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, plant peptides, organic self tanners, and SPF. We’ve got a really nice unscented mineral sunscreen with a tinted matte finish (don’t worry – you’ll still tan, just safely). And it applies like a mousse, not a goop. It’s totally the cherry on top of your skincare regimen.

Sensitive Skin

      • Soothes and renews complexion
      • Great for light rosacea and redness relief

Me: My skin is sooo sensitive and has patches of rough skin and redness sometimes (or trending towards all the time). I’ve tried so many products from the drug store and even fancier retailers. They all seem to sting and make my skin feel tight or tingly. It hurts! Help!

The Juicy Details: Ouchies! Yes, we can help. We’ll use powerful organic anti-inflammatory oils from baobab, pomegranate, and pumpkin. Masking with the soothing properties of nopal cactus and plantain leaf will help soothe, restore, and maintain your skin’s hydrophilic cutaneous layer. We’ll finish with products rich in hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. It’s hard to say exactly which products will be used until we review what may be causing your sensitivity. As always, we meet your skin where it is on the day you come in.

Home Support: Your new skin-calming faves are definitely going to be vegan, non-toxic products – and we’ve got plenty. Shifting away from synthetic preservatives, fragrance, and dyes will often relieve a lot of sensitivity and redness. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A and C, and rich butters will help keep you dewy and glowing.

Pro Tip: If you want the next-level version of this facial book the The Dopest Facial.

The Dopest Facial with CBD

      • CBD oil helps balance oil production and calms inflammation (possible causes: rosacea, acne, sensitive skin type, dry skin, eczema, environmental stress or exposure, diet, stress level)
      • Renews hydration and leaves skin dewy
      • The next-level version of the Sensitive Skin and Rosacea Relief facials

Me: Yikes! My skin seems to always be irritated with pink blotches or redness. I really wish my skin were calm, not so sensitive, and evenly toned.

The Juicy Details: This magic of this facial is in the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD (cannabidiol) oil. We’ll get your skin on the path to a calm, even complexion. This is a totally couture facial treatment depending on the cause of your inflammation – which we’ll discuss during your skin analysis. Cannabidiol is also a potent antioxidant and helps to fight free-radical damage and reduce the signs of premature aging. This is so great because no matter what issues you may have with your skin, we always love a little extra boost to slow down the aging process. While CBD is derived from the cannabis plant it does not contain any amount of psychoactive THC and is 100% legal.

Home support: We’ll suggest daily products addressing the root cause of your uneven complexion to support dewy, even skin. And yes! We’ve procured a vegan, non-toxic, organic CBD oil you can drop into your moisturizer for a boost of anti-inflammatory support. We’ve got you covered with healthy recommendations.

Pregnancy Glow

      • Indulge in relaxation while we address your skin concerns with pregnancy-safe products

Me: This is one wild, hormonal ride. I’d like to visit a haven of relaxation for my mind, body, and soul while keeping my skin free of breakouts. I’m not sure what products I should use at home to address the changes I’m seeing in my skin. I would also like totally non-toxic and pregnancy / breastfeeding safe products used on my skin when I go for a facial.

The Juicy Details: Yes! We love that you’ve thought about this and if this is the first time pregnancy safe skin care has crossed your mind we’re so excited to educate and support you in making healthy choices! You may have already caught on that all of our products are vegan, non-toxic, and mostly organic. In addition, some common acids, enzymes, chemicals, essential oils, and even anti-oxidants are not recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding. We’ll hydrate your skin and address acne flare-ups while avoiding controversial ingredients. And you’ll enjoy a super luxurious shoulder up massage.

Home Support: Choosing new mom skin care can be stressful. We’ve got your back with plenty of healthy product options. You’ll leave feeling empowered with the knowledge you need to maintain clear, glowing skin through pregnancy and beyond.

The Reikcial (rake – shul)

      • Couture facial based on your skin needs
      • Healing vibes to align you with who The Universe already says you are: perfect, whole, and complete

Me: I’d love a facial to refresh my complexion but I really need some energy work, too!

The Juicy Details: This deeply relaxing facial includes a Reiki session from Catherine (a Reiki Master) during your mask and Reiki energy sprinkled throughout your facial. After your double cleanse, we’ll talk skin to tailor your facial to your glowy skin goals. You’ll be smoke cleansed with palo santo once you’re on the facial table. We’ll also set an intention for your healing session to be in the service of your highest good and nurture your highest self. Totes check out Q+A on the The Reikcial page for details on what reiki is, feels like, and what happens during your service.

Home Support: We’ll make individualized recommendations to keep your glow on long after your service. All of our products are vegan, non-toxic, and mostly organic.

Esthetician’s Choice

Me: So many of these facials sounds amazing! But I don’t know which to pick. You’re the expert – can you do whatever my skin needs when I come in?
The Juicy Details: Heck yes! We can talk goals during your skin analysis and pair you with the perfect combination of professional products to get you on the path to a glowy, bright complexion. 
Home Support: The clearest path to healthy skin is using vegan, non-toxic, and mostly organic products in both your professional treatments and home care routine – and we’ve got it all 🙂 We’ll make suggestions based on your skin condition, type, goals, and our professional assessment. 

Facial Add Ons

Between the Boobs Acne Treatment – You are totally not alone. This is a common request! 🙂

Vitamin C Booster – L-ascorbic acid booster added to your mask to help brighten and tighten.

LED Light Therapy – Blue to help kill p.acne bacteria and heal blemishes. Red to stimulate collagen production.