Our Facials

      • The Classic
      • Hydration Halo
      • Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage
      • Gua Sha Ultimate Youth Builder
      • Radiance Support
      • Acne Control Lite
      • Acne Control
      • Sensitive Skin
      • The Dopest Facial with CBD
      • Pregnancy + New Mom Glow
      • Esthetician’s Choice

Metaphysical Facials

      • Sacred Rebalancing Metaphysical Facial
      • The Reiki Facial
      • Crystal Aura Hydration Halo

Express Skin Treatments

      • Express Hydration Treatment
      • Express Exfoliation Treatment

Facial Add Ons

      • Between the Boobs Acne Treatment

Choose the facial you’re most excited about. All of our skin products are vegan + clean beauty. 

We’ll tailor the treatment and product selections to best meet your needs. We’ll recommend a home care routine that will help maintain your glowy, youthful skin. Over time your product recommendations will change as you meet your complexion goals and shift to new ones. 

Our Facials

The Classic

      • Let’s polish, hydrate, and protect! 
      • Includes brief extractions due to time limitation
      • 50 minutes, $115

Pro Tip: Book a 75 minute facial if you know you want / need extra focus on removing impactions from clogged pores.

Hydration Halo

      • A bump up from The classic
      • 60 minutes, $135

Let’s hydrate! But first, an enzyme exfoliation to remove the old, damaged cells. We’ll use a phytoestrol mask to replenish your skin’s moisture and support your skin’s barrier function and tons of hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, and peptides to rejuvenate tired, dehydrated skin.

Pro Tip: If you’re into the woo there’s a metaphysical version of this facial! The Crystal Aura Hydration Halo 🙂

Gua Sha* Lymphatic Drainage

      • Increases luminosity and hydration
      • Helps to reduce the creation of clogged pores and puffiness / bloat
      • 50 minutes, $135

Gua sha massage, an ancient Chinese medicine technique, helps increase micro circulation and release stagnant lymph. The effects? Brightening from within! Plus a steamy enzyme exfoliation and hydrating mask. Gua sha is a technique to reduce the presence of clogged pores over time and therefore this facial does not include extractions.

Gua Sha* Ultimate Youth Builder

      • Helps to reduce fine lines, brighten, and firm skin
      • Vitamin C treatment to help increase collagen production by stimulating fibroblasts within the skin
      • 75 minutes, $175

Get all the benefits of gua sha lymphatic drainage plus a technique specifically for breaking up stuck fascia to aid in releasing fine lines. Hyaluronic acid, beta glucans, and squalane provide deep hydration for even further youth building. Gua sha is a technique to reduce the presence of clogged pores over time and therefore this facial does not include extractions 

**Gua sha is an ancient Chinese medicine technique for health and beauty. It has been used on the body in home practice for thousands of years. Sometimes being referred to as “coining” or “spooning” because of its resourceful nature of utilizing many objects and not just a stone tool. Gua sha has only recently become all the rage in the West as it has not always been looked upon kindly from a

medical spa stand point. Its popularity has grown along side the clean beauty movement. I am especially grateful for this technique as a clean beauty advocate since it requires no harsh chemicals or substances to help change the skin from within and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am thankful for my trainings and the opportunity to bring this practice to you. ⁣⁣⁣

Acne Control Lite

      • Helps clear + resolve mild acne and soothe irritated skin
      • 60 minutes, $135

Good choice is you have the occasional break out. Acne is a sensitivity. It could be hormones, your environment, or lifestyle. This facial uses enzymes, soothing clay, and detoxifying seaweed to help calm redness, smooth flakiness, and balance oil. And yes, we’ll do extractions!

Pro Tip: The Lymphatic Drainage Gua Sha Detox is an alternative treatment for acne and works from the concept of addressing the root cause of clogged pores from within the body. 

Acne Control

      • Treats moderate to severe acne and helps soothe irritated skin
      • Longer time frame for exfoliation and extractions
      • Blue LED Light Mask for killing bacteria
      • 75 minutes, $160

Acne is painful, both physically and emotionally! Let us help you. When there’s a constant presence of acne and congested skin there may be multiple causes. We’ll dig into your skin care, lifestyle, daily routines, and diet to get you on the path to a beautiful complexion you’re proud of. We’ll use similar professional grade products to the Acne Lite facial but we’ll go further with calming and hydrating products. Like replacing your facial massage cream with a hyaluronic cream mask to soothe and hydrate while you relax. Depending on your grade of acne, we may recommend that you visit a dermatologist or nutritionist for a multifaceted approach.

Pro Tip: The Lymphatic Drainage Gua Sha Detox is an alternative treatment for acne and works from the concept of addressing the root cause of clogged pores from within the body. 

Radiance Support

      • Helps to firm, tighten, and brighten with a Vitamin C no-down-time peel + deep pressure facial massage with marma point reflexology
      • 75 minutes, $160

Love keeping your face towards the sun? It’s ok – we get it 🙂 It feels good to be outside and enjoy the warm sunshine – especially living in New England. Having a summer tan is amazing, but are you starting to see signs of sun damage? Maybe fine or deep lines, discoloration, sun spots, dullness, areas of sagging skin, crepey eyes, leathery texture… you just don’t quite look like your youthful self any longer. This is considered premature aging caused by an environmental factor. Come on in and we’ll focus on brightening enzymes (papain + bromelain), antioxidants (Vitamin C), and phytonutrients (from sea buckthorn, noni, and mangosteen) to bring your soft, bright, dewy skin back. Don’t worry if you’re Vitamin A or C sensitive – we have many other effective anti-aging products to choose from.

Pro Tip: If you want a powerful dose of anti-aging and are ok without extractions we HIGHLY recommend the Gua Sha Ultimate Youth Builder. It’s bomb.

Sensitive Skin

      • Soothes and renews complexion with Dead Sea Mineral peel off mask
      • Great for light rosacea and redness relief
      • 75 minutes, $160

It’s hard to say exactly which products will be used until we review what may be causing your sensitivity or defining the nuances of your sensitive skin type. We’ll use a gentle yet effective enzyme exfoliator that also hydrates as it works, powerful organic anti-inflammatory oils from baobab, pomegranate, and pumpkin to help calm your complexion. Masking with the soothing properties of nopal cactus and plantain leaf will help soothe, restore, and maintain your skin’s hydrophilic cutaneous layer. We’ll finish with products rich in hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. As always, we meet your skin where it is on the day you come in.

Pro Tip: If you want the next-level version of this facial book the The Dopest Facial with CBD.

The Dopest Facial with CBD

      • CBD oil helps balance oil production and calms inflammation (possible causes: rosacea, acne, sensitive skin type, dry skin, eczema, environmental stress or exposure, diet, stress level)
      • Renews hydration and leaves skin dewy
      • 75 minutes, $175

This magic of this facial is in the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD (cannabidiol) oil. We’ll get your skin on the path to a calm, even complexion. This is a totally couture facial treatment depending on the cause of your inflammation – which we’ll discuss during your skin analysis. Cannabidiol is also a potent antioxidant and helps to fight free-radical damage and reduce the signs of premature aging. This is so great because no matter what issues you may have with your skin, we always love a little extra boost to slow down the aging process. While CBD is derived from the cannabis plant it does not contain any amount of psychoactive THC and is 100% legal.

Pregnancy + New Mom Glow

      • Indulge in relaxation while we address your skin concerns with pregnancy-safe products
      • 50 minutes, $120

You may have already caught on that all of our products are vegan, clean beauty, and mostly organic. In addition, some common acids, enzymes, chemicals, essential oils, and even anti-oxidants are not recommended for use while pregnant. We’ll hydrate your skin and address acne flare-ups while avoiding controversial ingredients. And you’ll enjoy a super luxurious shoulder up massage.

Esthetician’s Choice

      • Any and every skin product / technique we have is available
      • 75 minute, $160 customized facial based on your skin needs
We’ll create a treatment protocol for your facial based on your goals, concerns, and our professional assessment. As always, we meet your skin where it is on the day you come in.

Metaphysical Facials


Sacred Rebalancing Metaphysical Facial

      • Hands on energy work intuitively chosen by your esthetician from the following options: deep energetic massage, crystal healing, chakra alignment, Reiki, auric cleansing, marma point reflexology, gua sha, and Ayuvedic practices focusing on ears and feet as energetic terminal exit points of the body
      • Any and every skin product / technique we have is available
      • 90 minute, $195 self love customized facial + energy treatment

The truth is, no matter how much work you do to take care of your skin externally, you need to do the internal work too. Any internal conflict and blocks you experience may manifest on your skin as blemishes, blotchiness, irritation, and dullness. Catherine draws upon various tools to intuitively give your body and soul what it needs to heal and elevate from the inside out. This facial experience evolves with your journey both physically and spiritually. Each treatment is unique to where you are in that moment. 

The Reiki Facial

      • Healing vibes to align you with who The Universe already says you are: perfect, whole, and complete
      • Any and every skin product / technique we have is available
      • 90 minute, $195 customized facial + energy treatment

This deeply relaxing facial includes a Reiki session from Catherine (a Reiki Master) during your mask and Reiki energy sprinkled throughout your facial. After your double cleanse, we’ll talk skin to tailor your facial to your glowy skin goals. You’ll be smoke cleansed with palo santo once you’re on the facial table. We’ll also set an intention for your healing session to be in the service of your highest good and nurture your highest self. Totes check out our Q+A for details on what reiki is, feels like, and what happens during your service.

Crystal Aura Hydration Halo

      • Energy alignment and auric clearing
      • Personalized crystal chakra work (and you totes get to keep one to work with on your own!)
      • 60 minute, $145 Hydration Halo (as described above)
Let’s get your skin glowing on all planes – physical and spiritual! Working with the higher chakras, we’ll focus on brightening your inner light during your facial. Yes, your heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras will totes be covered in crystals! You’ll also choose your very own crystal to work with and keep. Throughout your facial we’ll talk about your crystal’s properties, activate its energy, and set intentions for how it will support you today and in the future. Crystal selections change with the zodiac season and which elements are active (air, earth, fire, water).

Facial Add Ons

Between the Boobs Acne Treatment – You are totally not alone. This is a common request! 🙂 $25